Innovation Platform

Mr.Chen Chengsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is an engineering and technical personnel who enjoys special allowances from the State Council. He has long been engaged in the research and development of polymer materials and new products. He has won the Second Ningbo Special Award for Science and Technology Innovation, the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhejiang Province, and the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress.

In the company, there is 56 technical personnel with college degree or above, 14 personnel with intermediate technical titles or above, 15 researchers specializing in the research and development of high performance fibers and composites products, as well as the design of the production equipment and technology innovation. The company pays more attention to investment in science and technology and research and development platform. It has a comprehensive innovation platform covering R & D of high-performance fiber, design and manufacture of bulletproof composite materials, material structure and performance analysis. And it successively established Ningbo "engineering technology center", "enterprise engineering technology center of Zhejiang province, Zhejiang province key scientific and technological innovation team and the National ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber industry technology innovation strategic alliance.

The company always adheres to the "innovation in scientific and technology, people-oriented". In 2010, the company was approved by the National Ministry of Personnel to form a enterprise " post-doctoral scientific research workstation”. 5 PhD in the United States and overseas talents returning home have been successfully brought into ?company. It has greatly enhanced the company's continuous innovation ability in high-performance fiber and bulletproof composite materials. Moreover, the company also through the "industry-university-research", cooperate with chemistry institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo materials institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Air Force Engineering University, BUAA (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and other colleges and universities to develop R&D of high performance fiber and bulletproof composite materials. Many research results have been achieved, which have improved the company's ability and level to participate in Military and Civilian Integration Projects and serve the modernization of national defense.